KAGAWA YAMANAMI Arts Festival 2016.Setouchi Triennale 2016 Collaborative Projects,General theme "Connect the people, Cultivate the future"
Human beings follow a beam of light into the future as they pass through the present, with the burden of the past upon their backs. They believe there is no value in living, if the luck of the past— both the bad and the good—is not linked to the future.
Differences in nationality, race, religion, language, environment, and ways of thinking; what we part company with goes no further than the repetition of history’s past mistakes. Humanity’s value and reason to live comes from our ability to overcome many differences and our desire for connection, all the more so when we strive for harmony with the natural world. However, to our disappointment, we have not yet been released from the curse of death and rebirth.
We have a dream. It may be a small dream, but art may direct us to the answers of that dream. Once, the sentiments put forth by the mediums of paint and sculpture connected the hearts and minds of people across time and space. However, now with the inclusion of such things as the environment and human confluence, the expression and circumstance of the conditions that surround art is becoming mainstream. Instead of simply communicating a sentiment, many artists now strive to develop a relationship through their art.
We hope to bring a project into fruition, where we can collaboratively develop the creativity that allows us to move forward toward our respective goals, without being imprisoned by the past and future or being buried by the present, yet at the same time maintaining a connection to the “past, present, and future,” all while maintaining a natural cooperation between “people, nature, and region.”
The opening of the exhibit, “KAGAWA YAMANAMI Arts Festival” uses the mountains of Kagawa as its stage, for which it thoroughly draws upon the special qualities of the region, rallying the wishes and strengths of the region, artists, and administration. We strive to create an art festival that will give us a hint to open up a new age.
KAGAWA YAMANAMI Arts Festival 2016, Executive Committee Chair
Fumio Kuraishi

Organizer : Executive Committee of Kagawa Yamanami Arts Festival, MONOHOUSE
Co : KAGAWA University, Takamatsu city, Kan-onji city, Ayagawa Town, Manno Town, Sanuki Manno Park, Mitoyo Corps Promotion of Machizukuri Mino, Takarada art committee, N3ART Lab
Supported by : Kagawa Prefecture
Grant : 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Kagawa Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation

KAGAWA YAMANAMI Arts Festival Fundamental Principles

In Kagawa, there are innumerable artists producing outstanding work. They hold their own unique events in various locations; through this practice they build upon many experiences, the fruits of which can be seen far and wide.
At this event we will showcase works from within the prefecture, whether it be artists or cultural organizations independently conducting regional activities. Additionally, we will invite foreign and domestic authors producing outstanding work to work with us. In this manner we will stimulate cooperation between local communities and artists, using art as the focal point for revitalization of the region. As the actions of our artists spread from Kagawa throughout the world, we hope that this region will blossom.


first session
AYAGAWA Area:Apr. /29 (sat) - May/ 22 (sun)
second session
ONOHARA Area:May/15(sat) – 29(sun)
third session
MANNO Area:Sept. /17(sat) – Oct. /10(mon)
fourth session
SIONOE Area:Oct. / 29 (sat) – Nov. /13 (sun)
SAITA Area:Oct. / 29 (sat) – Nov. /13 (sun)
KAGAWA YAMANAMI Arts Festival2016 IN KAWARAMACHI FLAG:Apr./ 9 (sat) –17 (sun)
Collaborative Events
Art is Paddy 2016:May / 22 (sun) –29 (sun)
Related Event
4th TSUKURU Festival in Mitoyo:Sept./ 24 (sat) -25 (sun)

Session and Theme

Area Theme "Dialog with Now"
"Dialog" comes into existence through the process by which an artist produces a piece. A dialog does not exist on its own ; instead, it is born from its relationship to another. An artist may create a "dialog" from a diverse array of subjects, which can include nature, history, oneself and others, and present and future; in this way, there are a many ways to arrive at modern artistic subjects, just as there are many ways one may approach a "dialog." Beyond the "dialog" that come to be through conventional forms of artistic expression, such as those created with paint or molded with clay, artists are "now" giving birth to "dialog" using innovative mediums. The works are waiting to "dialog" with you.
Curator:Shunya Asami
Holding period: Apr. /29 (fri) - May/ 22 (sun)
Venue:MONOHOUSE,Tanbo no Gatsuko,Ryuun Shonen Nojyo, AYAGAWA Lifelong Learning Cente, etc.
Area Theme "Person, Ravine, Riverbasin"
The Kan-onji City Gogo region, located on the border of Tokushima and Ehime prefectures, is home to the Hounen'ike Dam, famed for its huge stone-stacked multiple arch structure. Along the prefectural road that meanders through the valley and mountains, one can see such things as undeveloped woodland, a valley stream, a reforestation plantation, fields, a village, and a dam. The water that pours off of the steep mountain face nourishes not only the rich scenery of the area, but also the people and history of the region.
Curator:Yoshihisha Nakano
Holding period: May/15(sun) – 29(sun)
Venue:HOUNEN Pond retarding park, Formerly GOGO Elementary School, etc.
Area Theme "Symbiotic Space"
Locales such as the undeveloped woodlands, a pond, fields, and the town area are well distributed throughout the town of Manno. Life does not simply come from humans living with other humans. Life exists when sharing territory, food, and the living environment with other living things.
Curator:Ko Matsunaga
Holding period: Sept. /17(sat) – Oct. /10(mon)
Venue:National SANUKI MANNO Park, Formerly KOTONAMI junior high school NAKATO district, Road Station Epia MIKADO
Area Theme "With time."
Shionoe, located south of Takamatsu City, has long been known as the city of hot springs. Onsen streets, temples and shrines, haiku stones, museums, and a variety of cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the area are all steeped in history. In any one of these, you can see traces of the souls of those being born into the ongoing life of the area.
Curator:Ko Matsunaga
Holding period: Oct. / 29 (sat) – Nov. /13 (sun)
Venue:Hot Springs Road, Formerly SHIONOE Elementary School, Formerly KAMINOSHI elementary school, SHIONOE Museum, etc.
We've spread the art that it is not caught in the format.We think people in the area could relate to art and an artist.Art is a work of art itself and it means also act of creation and creators themselves.Further, viewers become a part of art. By focusing on locals' enjoyment, we can produce art that interconnects with a region's community. Now the concept of "Yamagei" has spread. We open the exhibition at Saita, west of Kagawa. Art is a treasure! As well as island areas, mountain areas also start.
Supervisor, Kiyofumi Ikeda
Holding period:Oct. / 29 (sat) – Nov. /13 (sun)
Venue:Michi-no-Eki Takarada no sato saita, Hokohatimangu,Sannose santyoku,etc.